Player Tips

If you are a baseball fan you are aware that Miguel Cabrera is currently the best hitter in the game, for both power and average.  

He was the first player to win the triple crown (Avg/HR/RBI) in over forty years in 2012.  

Below is a short video with a great angle on this simple yet powerful swing.

Things to notice....

1)  Knob of bat in "load" portion of swing is pointed toward the ground.

2)  Knob points toward the pitcher in the "unload" portion of the swing.

     (positive motion of hands toward the pitcher/ball)

3)  Hands stay ahead of the bat barrel until point of contact.

4)  MINIMAL movement of head position in from left to right of screen.

     (If the head and shoulders lunge forward over center of balance, the ball will appear faster and swing power will be lost.)

5) Height position of hands.  Start high near right ear, finishes high near left ear.

"Common Hitting Flaws & Drills" 

This a great video to help with hitting.  It is a bit lengthy so I have broken it into segments.  At minimum, players needs to focus on the six minute section from 9 min to 15 min mark that discusses "short too and long through". Also notice position of hitters hands throughout swings.  The whole video is good, but young players will benefit more from watching if broken up in four to six minute sections.  I suggest the following 6 video segments

(Start) 0:00 to 4:10
4:10 to 8:32
8:32 to 12:17
12:17 to 17:23
17:23 to 21:17
21:17 to 24:02 (End)

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