2016 Delta Rule Changes

Recent approved changes from Delta Board meeting held on 1/6/2016:

8u ROOKIE Coach Pitch: 
Time limit = 75 minutes

  • January 15, 2016: Delta Baseball has voted to adopt Coach Pitch for 8 & under (8u) division for the 2016 season and seasons to come.  This will replace Machine Pitch for 8u. This change is in response to many of the neighboring leagues also making the switch.  Some of the larger leagues will also be converting their 8u Tournament Trail to Coach Pitch.
  • NO STEALING. Not even on dropped or pass ball by the catcher.  Runners may still advance on throwing errors.  

10u (MINOR):
Time limit = 90 minutes

Closed Base or "batter cannot run on dropped third strike" will be enforced for the 2016 season in Delta 10u.  Runners on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd may still advance as in a steal situation.
All Cal Ripken 10u MINOR District and State Tournaments are CLOSED BASE, so DELTA has voted to do the same.

10u and 12u 
Time limit = 90 minutes

April 2016 Adoption of Cal Ripken Rule that allows RE-ENTRY of STARTING PITCHER to PITCHING position given the innings pitched limits are not exceeded and the initial removal from mound was not required due to a coach's second visit to mound in a single inning.

Delta pitching limitation is 3 innings per game max. ( 1 pitch = 1 inning )

8u, 10u, and 12u: DELTA LEAGUE PLAY ONLY
Roster Limits for Increased Play

*Delta's solution to several teams having to roster 14-16 players in 2015 season, which limited play and positive experience for kids in these divisions

  • Was Only 10u and 12u affected (Approved April 2016 for 8u)
  • Allow play with 8, with no penalty
  • Allow play with as few as 7, but take out when 8th batter is "up" in lineup
  • Purpose is to allow towns with only 14-17 registrants per age division to field two small roster teams and ensure more play for all kids.
  • *Was not discussed or approved, but in the past it has been allowed to "pick-up" players from younger divisions who currently play with a different team in the Delta League. This MUST NOT interfere with the pick-up player's current team's games. Pitching limitations still apply per player, not per team.
  • Other ideas for addressing large rosters were tabled for later review, once registration numbers for 2016 season are determined.

ALL-STAR Selection Process:
*Changes were discussed and approved to allow Delta All-Star teams to start practicing together earlier and be more competitive in district and state tournaments.
  • A coaches interest, commitment, and positive representation of Delta All-Stars, followed by Division Rank after all division teams have completed 50% of their games will be used to determine coaches for 2016 All-Star teams.  
  • Decision will not have to wait on teams to complete 50% of their games, if the teams' coaches are not interested or statistically impossible for team to change their rank to a competing status once remaining games to 50% completion are played. 
  • Board discretion also applies to all potential coaches.

The Delta Baseball League adheres to Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken official rules with an addendum created and approved by the Delta Board. 2016 DELTA RULES that are in addition to Official Cal Ripken rule book are above.
Due copyright laws we cannot post the official BR/CR rule book on this web-site.  An official rule book was purchased for each team along with our BR/CR charter.  These books were given to the Pre-Season Tournament host park per age division.  The host park was responsible for distributing each team a copy.