Injury Prevention Tips

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Baseball injury prevention tips:

 Warm up properly by stretching, running, and easy, gradual throwing.

 Rotate playing other positions besides pitcher.

 Concentrate on age-appropriate pitching.

 Adhere to pitch count guidelines.

 Avoid pitching on multiple teams with overlapping seasons.

 Don’t pitch with elbow or shoulder pain. If the pain persists, see a doctor.

 Don’t pitch on consecutive days.

 Don’t play year-round.

 Never use a radar gun.

 Communicate regularly about how your arm is feeling and if there is pain.

 Develop skills that are age-appropriate.

 Emphasize control, accuracy and good mechanics.

 Master the fastball first and the change-up second, before considering breaking pitches.

 Speak with a sports medicine professional or athletic trainer if you have any concerns about baseball injuries or baseball injury prevention strategies.

SOURCE: Stop Sports Injuries

Maximum pitch counts

Ages 7-8

 Pitches per game: 50

Ages 9-10

 Pitches per game: 75

Ages 11-12

 Pitches per game: 85

Ages 13-16

 Pitches per game: 95

Ages 17-18

 Pitches per game: 105

SOURCE: Little League Baseball