Conduct Policies

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Delta Baseball League Conduct Policy for Fans and Coaches.

Overview:  We are all here to have an enjoyable time.  This is not MLB.  It is an instructional league for kids.  It is our responsibility as the adults to ensure what the players are learning is always positive.



  1. Fans are encouraged to cheer for their team or players in a POSITIVE manner.

  2. Yelling at the umpires is NOT part of the experience.  

  3. Fans are not allowed to say ANYTHING to the umpires. It does not matter how much you disagree, or if the play involves your child.

  4. Fans are not to speak directly to any player on the field during the game.  Game time is not the time for instruction or criticism of any kind, even if it is your child.  


  1. Yelling at the umpires is NOT allowed.

  2. Insults, snide remarks, or derogatory comments toward players or umpires will not be tolerated despite volume in which they are issued.

  3. Calls may be protested in the following manner. (3 minute deliberation)

    1. Coach calls timeout

    2. Coaches from both teams will go to the umpires’ location.

    3. Coach who called timeout will voice protest in a conversation volume.  Other coach is present to be aware of protest details.  

    4. Coaches will return to dugouts.

    5. Umpires may converse to get the call right.  Umpires’ decision to overturn or uphold the call is FINAL.  No appeals.  Play Ball.  

    6. Protests made in the last 15 minutes of game will result in a 3 minute extension to time limit.



  1. No Warnings: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  2. Dismissal from the game and park by the Umpire, Park Manager, Delta Board Representative, or local Police.

  3. A second infraction, even if incidents happen at different Delta Parks, will result in fan expulsion from all Delta Parks for the remainder of the season.  

  4. Any expelled fan that ignores expulsion or retaliates with outbursts through social media will result in associated player being deemed ineligible for All-Stars.  Local police will also be called to escort fan from the premises.


  1. 1 ejection = warning  

  2. 2 ejections = 2 game suspension

  3. 3 ejections = Suspended for remainder of season & ineligible to coach All-Stars

Reports of Fan or Coach ejections are to be sent to by Coaches, Umpires, Park Managers, Delta Board Representatives, or Police.  Please include date of ejection, park location, age division, related team, and first and last name of ejected Fan or Coach.