All Stars

ALL-STAR Selection Process:
*Changes were discussed and approved to allow Delta All-Star teams to start practicing together earlier and be more competitive in district and state tournaments.
  • A coaches interest, commitment, and positive representation of Delta All-Stars, followed by Division Rank after all division teams have completed 50% of their games will be used to determine coaches for 2016 All-Star teams.  
  • Decision will not have to wait on teams to complete 50% of their games, if the teams' coaches are not interested or statistically impossible for team to change their rank to a competing status once remaining games to 50% completion are played. 
  • Board discretion also applies to all potential coaches.

Tournament Credentials: (How to assemble your team's Tournament Credentials folder)

Coaching Certification (Required for all All-Star Coaches):

Initial Certification (Coaching Youth Baseball $19.99)

Already completed, but need to print (If you obtained certification in a previous year, you are not required to complete or pay for certification again.)

Letter of Eligibility (2016 version NOW AVAILABLE)

Verification of Insurance

The above form must be completed for each player and inserted with the notarized copy of each player's birth certificate in the Team Tournament Credentials folder. This form can be completed online and printed or printed and completed with pen.

Other Tournament Options:

June 3-5 A/All-Star @ Marion - 901-351-3991

June 4-5 @ Jonesboro, AR - $285 Team Entry Fee ($30 per player) (Must be USSSA registered) 

Delta All-Star Teams already have insurance, but would have to pay $35 USSSA fees and register team online. USSSA is not Delta related.

Mighty Kids Baseball Brawl June 17-19, 11 yr old division and 12 yr old division. Cal Ripken rules. Team entry fee $175. 1st and 2nd place team and individual trophies, mighty kids meals from Mcdonalds for home runs. 3 game guarantee. Water park on site. To enter or for more info contact Tommy McCrary 870-375-4647

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